Bully Ray Recalls Vince McMahon Burying Raven In WWE Catering

The Boss didn’t have time for Raven’s pitches

The old adage goes ‘don’t cross the boss’ and this is especially true when dealing with Vince McMahon, as Raven found out when he caught McMahon at an inopportune time.

Bully Ray revealed as much on Busted Open Radio, recalling a time when the former ECW World Champion tried pitching ideas to Vince in catering:

“I remember one time in catering… Raven, wanted to present Vince with an idea. And this is when Vince ate in catering with the boys. This was this time to hang out with us and ask what’d you guys do last night? Did you have fun? You know, let’s not talk about wrestling. Let’s just BS. And you know, and eat some food together.

“Well, he sits down and Raven starts pitching him this idea. And the idea is built around the movie Seven with the seven deadly sins. And Raven’s got page after page after page of things that he wrote down. And he goes, ‘Vince, can I pitch you a story’ and Vince did not want to hear it. He just wanted to eat and he goes ‘eh, go ahead’ and Raven starts reading off the paperwork and he goes, ‘alright, the character Raven, is set back 10 years ago, blah, blah, blah’ and Vince stops and he goes, ‘Wait a minute. Blah, blah, blah. You really need to tell me you wrote blah blah blah on the paper? You interrupt me while I’m eating to tell me blah blah blah? Why don’t you pitch me the right way?!’ And I lost it. We were laughing so hard because he completely buried Raven in front of the boys. He receded Raven as if to say if you’re going to bother me during lunch, you better make sure it’s well worth it. So yeah, those are just some of the stories.”

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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