Cain Velasquez's Match At WWE Crown Jewel Kept Short Due To Injury

Surgery may be needed...

At just barely over two minutes, the WWE title bout between Brock Lesnar and former UFC opponent Cain Velasquez failed to impress many.

After Lesnar notably backed down from Velasquez in the latter's debut four weeks ago, the champion tapped him to a Kimura from an underneath position, in an abbreviated MMA-style bout in Riyadh.

Dave Meltzer notes in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the idea for the match was always to keep it short (akin to Lesnar's matches with Goldberg), but says that Velasquez is suffering from a knee injury so serious that not much could be done.

Meltzer adds the belief is that Velasquez's injury is severe enough to where he may need surgery.

There's no word on the status of Velasquez's tag team match alongside Rey Mysterio against Drew McIntyre and Andrade, scheduled for a WWE house show in Mexico City on November 30. That match would take place in the same Arena Ciudad de Mexico in which Velasquez made his pro wrestling debut for AAA back in August.

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