Joey Mercury Lashes Out At ROH GM Greg Gilleland Over Treatment Of Talent

Recently departed staffer speaks out...

It was reported yesterday that Joey Mercury, who had worked for Ring of Honor as a trainer and later a producer with the company since May of last year, had left the promotion. The parting was referred to as a "mutually agreed upon decision".

A day later, the former multi-time WWE Tag Team champion went to Twitter to unload numerous details on the behind-the-scenes goings-on at ROH, making very serious claims about company GM Greg Gilleland.

Among Mercury's numerous claims:

-Accuses ROH of not providing security or medical staff at their events, resulting in an unsafe working environment. He noted the "be a fan" incident that Bully Ray intervened on, and Mercury criticized ROH for Bully being put into that position, since there were no security personnel to handle the matter.

-Claims that Shane Taylor will not be re-signed as of January 1, and that Taylor has not been informed of that decision. Mercury also claims that Bandido's deal is up on January 1, and that PJ Black's (Justin Gabriel) contract expires February 1.

-Says he, Bandido, and Brody King had to treat Flip Gordon's elbow dislocation, since ROH didn't provide proper medical care.

-Says Gilleland and ROH did not apply strict concussion protocol, and allowed Kelly Klein to wrestle in South Africa with a "brain injury".

-Also accuses Gilleland of not properly caring for Jay Lethal, who recently broke his arm on the Honor United tour.

-Generally calls Gilleland a "liability" who is "inexperienced and unqualified to generate revenue in this field."

A report by Fightful on the matter claims that Gilleland declined to comment on the situation.

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