Report: WWE Talents Remaining In Saudi Arabia Said To Be Fine, Will Fly Home In Matter Of Hours

Positive news...

It's been a bewildering and frustrating situation to say the least, as numerous WWE talents and personnel remain behind in Saudi Arabia following Thursday's Crown Jewel. News broke approximately 15 hours ago that the talent was asked to leave their plane after boarding it, leading to this still-ongoing delay.

Several talents who were needed for SmackDown were placed onto a charter plane bound for Buffalo, NY, but the indication is that they won't make it back in time for the show.

As for the remaining WWE personnel, Dave Meltzer reported via Twitter on Friday afternoon, "Talent in Saudi Arabia is fine. They've been told their flight will leave in five hours."

When prompted to clarify what he meant by "fine", Meltzer responded, "Unharmed, tired, a chapter in their respective books."

The flight is scheduled to depart Saudi Arabia at 3 AM local time Saturday morning, which is 8 PM eastern standard time, the time SmackDown on FOX goes on air.

Meltzer also confirms that several NXT talents are being flown in to Buffalo to help fill out the card for SmackDown.

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