Carlito: I Respected Shawn Michaels For Telling Me He Didn't Like Me In WWE

"I don’t pretend to be everybody’s cup of tea."

Carlito has revealed how he gained respect for WWE legend Shawn Michaels after The Heartbreak Kid told him how he felt about him to his face. 

Carlito's attitude during his first run in WWE has been the subject of discussion since he made his return to the promotion with a surprise appearance in the 2021 Royal Rumble, with the former Intercontinental champion admitting he wasn't in a great place towards the end of his first stint with the company. 

The 42-year-old says he knows a number of people weren't fond of him backstage in WWE but he had a lot of time for Michaels, who told him he didn't like him to his face. 

Speaking to James Romero of Wrestling Shoot Interviews, he said: "I respected Shawn Michaels because he was one of the only ones that told me to my face that he didn’t like me. I can respect that. We had a talk, he told me whatever, and I can totally respect that. I don’t pretend to be everybody’s cup of tea. I like it that instead of telling me behind my back, he told me right to my face. After that I had a lot of respect for Shawn Michaels.

"I forgot what it was. Same story as everybody else. [Shawn Michaels thought] I was too nonchalant or I didn’t care enough or whatever. I was too… [He thought] I had my mind on other things than wrestling. Stuff like that. I was like, ‘Alright.’"

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