Carmelo Hayes Claims To Be "Him"

Carmelo Hayes explains why he is 'Him'

Carmelo Hayes has been impressing in NXT ever since he initially made his debut, and he has gone on to win the NXT Championship, North American Championship, and Cruiserweight Title during his time in WWE developmental. All this success now makes even more sense following a recent interview, as Hayes revealed to be ‘Him’. 

On After The Bell with Corey Graves, Hayes detailed how and why he is ‘Him’. 

"It’s really the journey of my progression, in a way. There was a period of time when I had the North American Championship and I was calling myself the A Champ. At that time, I truly believed I was the most important champion on the brand. For a long time it was ‘The A Champ’ and then when I lost the championship, I called myself ‘One of One’ to that starry light, ‘there is only one of me.’ On the journey to get the NXT Title, it was really like, ‘I’m the guy, I’m Him.’ If anybody is going to be the guy and take that title and do it, it’s me, I am Him. That’s where Him came from, where it was; you can’t deny me, I’m the guy. It’s another thing in pop culture and sports, Him is very popular. When guys do something great, they self-proclaim themselves, ‘I am Him, I am the one, I am the guy. I am Him.’ I think it carries weight. It’s ‘Boom. Him.’” 

Hayes is set to face a big obstacle at NXT Battleground when he faces the former champion Bron Breakker. It remains to be seen if he will continue his reign with the NXT Championship and continue being ‘Him’.

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