Chase U Saved By Calendar Photo Shoot On WWE NXT

Chase U sticking around following a calendar photo shoot

Chase U is saved! 

Chase University has been mired in scandal in recent weeks after it emerged that Andre Chase had plunged the institution into a tremendous amount of debt that left the university on the brink of bankruptcy. 

Chase U will be able to continue educating students for years to come, however. Andre Chase made his way to the ring on the January 30 edition of NXT expecting to say goodbye to Chase University but his sadness was halted after Jacy Jayne, Thea Hail and the ladies of Chase U interrupted. 

Jayne and Hail have been working on a plan to save Chase U for weeks and that plan was revealed on January 30 to be a calendar photo shoot with the ladies of Chase University funded by Jayne. The calendar will officially go on sale at NXT Vengeance Day and sales are expected to be so high that the money will propel Chase U forward for the next decade. 

The news led to a huge celebration in the ring with all the members of Chase U in Andre Chase, Jacy Jayne, Thea Hail, Duke Hudson, and Riley Osborne. 

Chase U was founded back in September 2021 following the NXT 2.0 rebrand. The faction has enjoyed tag team success as Andre Chase and Duke Hudson held the NXT Tag Team Titles for 21 days in late 2023. 

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