Chelsea Green "Shocked" By WWE Release

Green was let go last week

After three years with the company, Chelsea Green was released by WWE a few days ago along with nine other Superstars. 

Green sat down with Fightful following her release and the former Knockouts Champion admitted she was shocked after getting the call from John Laurinaitis.  

"I actually was totally shocked. Not going to lie, I was totally shocked. I understand it. I wasn't used and of course when I was used then I broke my arm. So I was definitely shocked, and in previous years when they have done the releases I was expecting it more throughout those releases. I was kind of ready last year and times before, but this time I was very shocked because I know my potential in the company and I know what I bring to the table, which is something different; character work and acting skills and promo abilities and that's something that I know I will thrive at when I'm able to show that. So yeah, I was totally shocked," Green stated. 

"Thankfully I was given a little bit of a heads up, a little warning, 'Hey they are cutting people,' so I was able to mentally prepare myself just in case because I will say, if I hadn't have got that text letting me know, I would have thought that that phone call was for my debut and that would have been embarrassing. I am so thankful that I was forewarned because, wow, I was ready to debut, you know?"

Since her release, Green has seemingly reverted to the psychotic gimmick she used in IMPACT Wrestling and she is currently available for bookings

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