Chris Jericho Addresses Jim Cornette's Reaction To The AEW Stadium Stampede Match

They were both outspoken...

At the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view, The Elite and The Inner Circle finally put their rivalry to bed in a Stadium Stampede match. The cinematic bout was widely praised and has been touted as one of the best matches of 2020 so far. 

One man who was not a fan of the match, however, was Jim Cornette who said on his podcast that he was ashamed of everyone involved and thinks wrestling needs to die if this is what it has become. 

"I almost wanted to apologise to Vince Russo for saying that he produced the worst wrestling that I've ever seen or heard of after seeing this f*****g thing," Cornette said. "It was the worst aspects of Money In The Bank without the WWE production, talent, or budget.

"I will never watch this f*****g s**t again. F**k all you people. I'm ashamed of Matt Hardy. I'm ashamed of Tony Schiavone. I'm ashamed of Jim Ross for not walking out on this. I'm ashamed of everyone involved in it. And it's the last time I'll be watching this f*****g h******t and Tony Khan can take his sports based presentation and shove it up his f*****g ass.

"They're all f*****g morons for doing this. I'm disappointed in all of them. I don't want to see them personally again because I'd have to tell them. I don't want to see them professionally again because I don't want to see anybody involved in this ever again… If this is what wrestling is now it needs to die. Leave it alone and let it go. If you can't bring it back and you're just going to piss on the f*****g rotting corpse, let it go."

The Leader of The Inner Circle Chris Jericho addressed Cornette's comments during a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, and told Dave LaGreca that if you didn't enjoy the match then you don't have a soul. 

Le Champion said: "I'll tell you this right now, this is for people who are burying this match. Jim Cornette hated it. If you don't like this match, then you don't have a soul because this was one of the most entertaining things that you can see. And if you're talking about a Jim Cornette, he booked a segment where I put his face in a cake in 1994. This is the 2020 version of sticking somebody's face in a cake.

"This is the style of wrestling that I love, which there is a little bit of wackiness, there is some comedy, there is some seriousness, there is a tone change. There are two gentlemen that are gonna kick the s**t out of each other sitting down for a drink at a bar like a John Wayne movie. We had everything in there. If you didn't like that then you don't like wrestling because this is what the essence of wrestling is, which is entertainment, but all sides of the coin. And I was very proud of it, and, like I said, it's one of my favourite things that I've ever done."


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