Chris Jericho Comments On Recent Backstage Issues Within AEW

Chris Jericho has had his say on AEW’s recent locker-room turmoil

The backstage issues in AEW have been the talk of the wrestling world for several weeks now, and were only exacerbated by the now infamous post-All Out media scrum brawl between CM Punk, Ace Steel, and The Elite.

Since then, AEW have held several talent meetings to restore a sense of unity in the locker-room, with one prominent voice during the meetings being that of Chris Jericho. The current ROH World Champion has seen it all in pro wrestling, and during a recent interview with GQ, Jericho commented on the recent AEW locker-room turmoil:

“Without getting into specifics, it happens all the time,” started Jericho. “That's one of the things about being around as long as I have: You just recalibrate and you focus on the positives and realise we got a great locker room, a great group of guys and girls. I think we re-established that [on TV the last few weeks]. We know that this is a pretty special place, and we're gonna go out there and we're gonna kill it. That's what we did. It's a reset and that's exciting for everybody involved, including me. We're just gonna keep building upon it. That's what you do. That's how you have longevity.

“I bet you the Edmonton Oilers were terrified when Wayne Gretzky left, and they won a Stanley Cup that year. That's just how it goes when somebody leaves - somebody else steps up. That’s the best thing about wrestling, or pro sports, or even SNL. Adam Sandler leaves and suddenly Jason Sudeikis is the big name or whatever. So absolutely we're not gonna miss a beat. We're gonna go on and become bigger and better and stronger than ever.”

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