Chris Jericho: Everybody In AEW Should Be Stepping Up Following Recent Injuries

Chris Jericho believes the AEW roster need to 'step up' following recent injuries

Former AEW Champion Chris Jericho has challenged the AEW roster to step up their game following a recent spate of injuries to top stars. 

Current AEW World Champion CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega are among the current list of high-profile absentees due to injuries. 

Discussing the current injury situation with TSN and noting how it could benefit others on the roster looking for opportunities. Jericho said: 

"Is it opportune? No. Is it what you want? No, but is it the way it goes? Yes, so you have to step it up and it does open up a lot of opportunities for other guys. But guys are always ready. I don't think it's that big of a deal for Moxley to step in for Punk against Tanahashi because, for me, it's just as intriguing of a match, if not more so because Mox has been in New Japan for a few years. Punk and Tanahashi would have been great, but Mox and Tanahashi will be great for different reasons, so you just move on. 

"And then when Punk comes back, you have a whole new story of a guy who was taken out with an injury from a position he didn't want to be taken out from, but now he's back with a vengeance and here we go. I've never worried when injuries happen, or guys quit or leave companies. It's just the way that the business goes. You just have to move forward and continue taking negatives and turn them into positives. It's what we do best".

Though AEW have several people out injured right now, it is reportedly company policy that they do not comment on the nature of injuries unless they affect previously advertised matches.  

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