Chris Jericho Hits Out At 'WWE Pettiness' Over Omission From Bob Barker Tribute

WWE aired no footage of Jericho, despite his interaction with Barker.

Current AEW star Chris Jericho has hit out at 'pettiness' by his former employer. 

Fans on social media pointed out that WWE didn't air any clips featuring Chris Jericho when they paid tribute to Bob Barker, who passed away last week at the age of 99, on this past Monday's edition of Raw. 

Barker and Jericho had a heated confrontation when Barker acted as the special celebrity guest host for the September 7, 2009 episode of Raw. Many cited it as a highlight of the episode, which was generally well received. 

When one fan on X (formerly Twitter) pointed out that The Ocho's omission was a case of 'typical WWE pettiness', the first-ever Undisputed Champion simply replied with 'Yup'.

The 52-year-old is fresh off competing at AEW's historic All In at Wembley Stadium, where he and his band Fozzy played his Judas entrance theme live. 

Jericho lost to Will Ospreay in front of the largest paid attendance in wrestling history. 

During one of his Saturday Night Special YouTube casts in 2020, Jericho noted that he almost laughed and broke character during his interaction with Barker, saying: 

"When I went out there, and like, [Barker said] 'You be a good boy, Jericho', or however it ended up. You guys can go watch it on YouTube, it's hilarious. When I went toe-to-toe with him, I said something to him like. 'Barker, I'll take you on any time, any place, anywhere'. And he was like, 'Don't make me put you over my knee, Chris!' with that big long, thin microphone that he used to talk into. And dude...I'm thinking, 'Don't laugh, don't laugh, don't laugh! You're on live TV, don't laugh!'. And I was just like [mimics trying to keep a straight face]. I didn't laugh, but it was the closest I've ever come to completely breaking character with Bob Barker"

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