Chris Jericho Laments Never Getting To Wrestle Either Bret Or Owen Hart

It just wasn't meant to be...

Chris Jericho churned out another Saturday Night Special last night, taking fan questions during the evening. Among the inquiries, one fan asked him about wrestlers he never got to work with, but always wanted to.

Perhaps it's no surprise that the Canadian star chose the two standouts from the pre-eminent wrestling family of the north.

"I think probably the two guys I always wanted to wrestle the most were Owen Hart and Bret Hart," said Jericho. "So those would be the guys that I would go with, so whatever era that is. I think one of my big regrets - not regrets, my biggest 'sad opportunity' or whatever you might call it is that I never got to wrestle Owen Hart.

"When I left WCW to go to WWE in 1999, if you wold have asked me the top 10 reasons why I'm leaving WCW for WWF, the reasons were this, this, this, and this, and number 9 or 10 would have been for the opportunity to wrestle Owen Hart. And he passed away, gosh, three or four months before I showed up, so I always wish I could have wrestled Owen."

As for "The Hitman", Jericho said, "We were in WCW for a while but I was never at that level where they would put me in the ring with him, at least in their mind. In my mind, I was totally at that level, but whatevs."

Jericho also believes that Owen would been great in today's wrestling scene, explaining how he was, "...revolutionary when it came to the style, the modern hybrid of Japanese, European, Calgary style, American style."

(Credit to Wrestling Inc for transcription)

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