Chris Jericho Reveals How Much Input He Has In AEW's Creative Direction

Jericho and The Inner Circle are feuding with The Pinnacle

Chris Jericho has revealed that he is given control of his own storylines in AEW creatively working closely with Tony Khan to keep angles progressing. 

Jericho and The Inner Circle is currently embroiled in a feud with MJF and The Pinnacle, with the Demo God explaining that the long-term storytelling aspect of the rivalry came from his mind, while working on specific aspects with MJF and Kahn. 

The former AEW World champion is happy to help out others with their creative direction but admits he's got plenty on his plate trying to get 12 people over during the feud between two factions.

Jericho told Busted Open Radio: "I’m pretty much in charge of my storyline, as far as keeping that going and trying to just get the maximum out of what I’m doing with whoever I’m working with. If you think about MJF and Jericho and the Inner Circle and Pinnacle, we started this in September. And there’s still a long way to go with that. All of that was kind of in my mind, then working with MJF a bit, working with Tony Khan and figuring out how to extend the story, keep it exciting and keep it moving. So that’s a full time job as it is.

"If I was ever asked, I would more than be happy to help others out. There are times where I am asked. But if I’m not asked, then I’ve got too much to worry about on my own in keeping everything spinning. Cause now I’ve got eleven guys to worry about. I’ve got six guys in the Pinnacle and five guys in the Inner Circle. Then you throw Mike Tyson into the mix, which was a last minute thing. 

"So anything we’re intersecting with I have to keep an eye on it and keep control of it as much as I can. So to work on other people’s stories, I could do it if they asked me to. But if they don’t, I’ve got more than enough to do on my own.”

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