Chris Jericho Reveals What Would Need To Happen For Him To Retire

Chris Jericho ain’t retiring yet

Chris Jericho is truly one of wrestling's masters of reinvention, with ‘The Ocho’ managing to stay fresh and relevant after over 30 years in the business.

Nothing lasts forever, though, and the day will eventually come when Jericho hangs up his boots, but during an appearance on WTF with Marc Maron, Jericho revealed he isn’t going to retire any time soon:

"People say, 'Well, how much longer are you going to do this?’ I could end tomorrow. I could end five years from now, or who cares? Sting is 63 and still doing great stuff. So who knows, man? To me, as long as you can still compete at a high level — like I have a high standard for myself. If I went out there and two, three, four times in a row I felt like, 'Oof, I'm starting to f***ing phone this in,' I would quit," said Jericho.

The multi-time world champion has had a glittering career, and is the only man in wrestling history to hold the WCW, WWF/WWE, AEW, and ROH world championships, as well as holding gold in NJPW, and ECW.

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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