Chris Jericho Says He Wouldn't Have Done Broken Skull Sessions If He Couldn't Talk About AEW

“There would be no benefit for me to do the show just to talk about old things I had done in WWE”

Following on from his appearance on Steve Austin’s WWE produced Broken Skull Sessions, AEW’s Chris Jericho has spoken about the experience.

Talking with Busted Open Radio, Jericho revealed he wouldn’t have taken part in the show if he couldn’t talk about AEW:

"I wouldn't have done the show if it wasn't to talk about my whole career, including AEW. There would be no benefit for me to do the show just to talk about old things I had done in WWE. Steve wouldn't have had me on either. We were both very adamant that if we were going to do it, we had to do it right.

“That's one of the things I enjoyed and people were so surprised. You have to know how I do things at this point in time and I wouldn't do anything that wasn't exactly the way I wanted it. It turned out perfectly.”

Jericho’s appearance was seen as surprising by many fans, with WWE notorious for not wanting to mention other wrestling companies by name. As a result, Jericho was asked whether he was worried about potential edits:

"We were both adamant about how we wanted the show to be done, but if a certain 73-year-old [Vince McMahon] wakes up one day and goes, 'What? I never said that,' the whole thing could be changed and wiped off the face of the earth.

“There was a lot of trust from Vince and Tony Khan towards both Steve and myself, knowing we wouldn't go that way. There was no reason to talk about things that were going to bury either side. It was a very positive interview. It was a lot of trust afforded to us. The moment Vince said, 'do it,' he knew what we'd be talking about. If it was anybody else, I don't know if we would be afforded the same trust and there may have been more 'snakey snakey,' but I had Steve's word and Steve had my word that we would do our best to do a great show. There was no reason to tear anyone down and that's why it pretty much aired exactly as we spoke. I don't think much was edited out, a couple of lines here and there, probably ten minutes out of the two hours plus that we talked and that was more for time purposes."

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