Chris Jericho Says MJF Came Up With "Le Dinner Debonair" And The Vegas Trip

Praises his "courage and confidence"..

Chris Jericho has a lot of praise for his current Inner Circle brother-in-arms.

During a recent Talk is Jericho episode with Major League Wrestling CEO Court Bauer, Jericho discussed how proactive MJF has been in creating notable segments on recent editions of AEW Dynamite.

“With him, he comes up with a lot of great stuff, even which you saw with’ Le Dinner Debonair’ or ‘The Inner Circle Slays Vegas.’ He's right up there with coming up with some of the ideas," Jericho said. "Actually, the original idea for the song and dance routine was his and the original idea to go to Vegas was his. Then, I think of both of those concepts and then I kind of take it and expand upon it. So I like that, you know, he's got a lot of courage and confidence and he's got a lot of great ideas and thoughts and contributions to what we're doing, which is always a pleasure."

Bauer (who has worked with MJF in MLW) heaped further praise on the 24-year-old, adding, “He is also very generous. We put him in a faction with Alex Hammerstone, who is incredible, and Richard Holliday, who is awesome. They really meshed well and he helped to create this chemistry amongst the three of them. They became really good friends for real.

"He has a real high wrestling IQ and he has that appetite for wrestling and he reminds me a little bit of Eddie Gilbert, a little bit of [Chris] Candido], and Buddy Rogers. I once told him if territories still existed, if bookers were more of a thing today than they really are, it's like an endangered species. But if there was such a role that he could be one day, he could be a really good booker. I still believe that. Like, I think when his time comes and goes in the ring, he has the ability to be a really excellent booker if he ever desired to do that.”

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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