Chris Jericho Sees Only Positives In Edge To AEW

Edge to AEW would be a positive according to Chris Jericho

The rumours of Edge joining All Elite Wrestling are not showing any signs of quieting, especially as Edge and WWE are reportedly no closer on agreeing terms on a potential new deal.

The WWE Hall of Famer would certainly have his share of supporters lobbying to bring him into AEW, with Chris Jericho extolling the positives of a potential AEW move for ‘The Rated R Superstar’ during an appearance on Superstar Crossover:

“Who’s to say for sure?” Jericho said. “But if you look at Chris Jericho, for example. Where I was in WWE, there really wasn’t much more that I could do there. You’re there for many years, and you’ve wrestled everybody, and it’s great. But it’s always good to shock people and to show up with a new kind of mission. So I think somebody like Edge, there’s a lot of guys who are like this, they’ve kind of done everything they can do there. For him to come to AEW, it’d be a whole fresh new coat of paint.

“Whole new roster of matches that he could have, obviously a new name. Which would then, knowing him, knowing me, what I would do is a whole new look, a whole new mindset. So that’s the best thing about having AEW and about us being as successful as we are. There’s now a visible alternative. I don’t want to say competitor because it’s not that. But you can now go to either company.”

H/T: WrestleZone

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