Chris Jericho Wants To Save Minoru Suzuki & Will Ospreay Match-ups For New Japan Return

AEW's Chris Jericho speaks on possible future New Japan match-ups.

Chris Jericho spoke recently to Inside the Ropes and touched on the topic of future matches against New Japan stars, singling out two in particular that he'd like to face. 

"I think there's still a lot more money to be made in Japan. I think Suzuki and Jericho in Japan means a lot more than Suzuki and Jericho does in the States, because Minoru has worked with a lot of guys [...] I think Minoru worked with like Joey Janela or whatever in the States, which is great. It's not a Tokyo Dome level match. So there's a couple of matches I want to keep for Japan. Will Ospreay is another one."

Despite having competed against the likes of Kenny Omega and Tetsuya Naito in the past, Jericho didn't have a featured singles match at Forbidden Door - instead teaming with Suzuki and Sammy Guevara to take on Eddie Kingston, Wheeler Yuta and Shota Umino. He addressed this, saying:

"So for me to be on Forbidden Door, the issue for me is not just the matches that I could do at the Tokyo Dome, but the fact that we have Blood & Guts three days later in Detroit. So anything that I do on the Forbidden Door has to relate to Blood & Guts, it has to be the next step in the story to the promotion of Blood & Guts, or it's counterproductive. We're going to have to promote both Forbidden Door and Blood & Guts, because it's the go-home show for both. So for me on Forbidden Door, I have to do something that continues the momentum to Blood & Guts. If I just randomly faced Minoru Suzuki, will we tear the house down? Of course. But how does that connect to what we're doing just three days later?”

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