Chris Jericho: WWE's Elimination Chamber Was Originally Set To Be WarGames, Vince McMahon Thought It Was Too WCW

WarGames almost debuted in WWE well before 2017

Back in 2002, WWE debuted the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series. The stipulation match instantly became a fan favourite after Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Chris Jericho, Booker T and Rob Van Dam fought over the World Heavyweight Championship, and WWE continues to use the stipulation today. 

Speaking about the inaugural match on Talk Is Jericho, Chris Jericho revealed the stipulation was originally going to be WarGames, but WWE thought the concept was "too WCW."

"They originally, Elimination Chamber was originally going to be WarGames, but Vince didn't want to do WarGames because he said it was too WCW. So then, we created our own. Hunter always wanted to do WarGames and then he brings it to NXT," Jericho said.

WarGames debuted back in 1987 at Jim Crockett Promotions' Great American Bash. The gimmick then became synonymous with World Championship Wrestling and was later revived in 2017 on WWE's NXT brand. Several other promotions, including AEW, have also created their own spin-off versions of WarGames.

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