John Morrison: Why I Love Teaming With The Miz In WWE

Morrison has been closely tied to Miz in WWE

Across his two stints with WWE, John Morrison has been closely tied to The Miz and the two Superstars have been together for several years, becoming three-time tag team champions along the way. 

Speaking about their tag team on After The Bell, Morrison revealed why he loves working with The Miz so much. 

"I would air on the side of driving myself crazy with ideas. That's kind of how I work, I just am constantly on overdrive. Wrestling is supposed to be fun. We're supposed to be having a good time, and formally, I really enjoyed working with The Miz and coming up with ideas. He is one of those guys that it doesn't matter how dumb the idea is, especially if it's a poop joke, he'll love it and he'll die laughing," Morrison began.

"Then you can kind of build something and it's usually fun, and in that case, we were lucky because most of our ideas pertained to our opponents. And even if you don't, like I have a ton of weird Dirt Sheet scripts written and other ideas that never got used. I like the process of writing it and thinking it through, and if it never happens, still the half a day I spent writing a detailed fight against the Easter bunny was still kind of fun. I ended up hurting my knee so I couldn't do it, but I don't regret doing it. It was still an interesting way to spend an afternoon."

Morrison also reflected on their real-life friendship and noted his and The Miz's relationship is similar to that of The New Day's. 

"I'll start by talking about The Miz in past tense. In the scheme of the wrestling business, there's certain people who become really close friends, and there's people who become friends and some you want to slap the potato chips off the table with. When I first met The Miz, I thought he was a real [expletive] just like everyone else. When we started tagging together, I didn't get a real chance to talk to him, and after we had done just our first loop of live events together and were in a car talking together, I was like - when he's just with you and you're talking, he's a really great guy. He's loyal. He has the same dreams and hopes of everyone, and he's in love with wrestling," Morrison continued.

"He's kind of funny but he thinks everything I say is funny, which is a confidence booster. It turned out to evolve and become more fun than I thought. I was in his wedding, he was in my wedding, and we became more than just tag team partners and co-workers. We became real friends. When you're working with somebody that you really enjoy the company of and you're on the same wavelength and have chemistry on screen, it makes everything better. There's a lot of tag teams out there, The Usos, The New Day. They're not three guys who hate each other and just show up to work every day. The New Day, you can tell, they're best friends, and that's kind of how I felt working with Miz."

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