Claim Suggests WWE Has 1.2 Billion Fans

WWE apparently has ‘1.2 billion’ fans

Whilst it’s undeniable that WWE is the biggest pro-wrestling company on the planet, a new claim has suggested that the ‘sports entertainment’ behemoth has over 1.2 billion fans worldwide.

The claim comes from an article by Variety, crunching the numbers behind the recent merger of WWE and UFC under the Endeavor helmed TKO Group. The report broke down key metrics in both the UFC and WWE’s business, with stats such as workforce, number of events per year, and 2022 adjusted earnings taken into consideration - amongst others.

The ‘global reach’ stat is the one that is most interesting, though, as it claims UFC has over 700 million in over 170 countries, whilst WWE has 1.2 billion across 180 plus countries.

How these numbers have been reached has not been disclosed, but it likely takes into account such trackable metrics as the amount of tickets sold per annum, PPV buys, network subscribers, and social media reach, amongst others.

With the world population currently sitting at over 7.8 billion people, that’s not a bad number for WWE to banding about. 

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