CM Punk & MJF Reference John Cena, Triple H, The Miz & More In AEW Dynamite Promo

An immense exchange on AEW Dynamite

Wrestling fans were fiercely anticipating the first time CM Punk and MJF stood across from each other in a promo battle on AEW television, and the two didn't fail to deliver. 

Punk and MJF opened this week's episode of AEW Dynamite with an immense back-and-forth, which lasted almost 20 minutes, after The Salt Of The Earth interrupted The Second City Saviour as he prepared for his match with QT Marshall.

MJF began the barbs by making note of Punk's less-than-impressive run in UFC and the time he was away from wrestling after leaving WWE. Punk followed up by referencing a photo that has circulated online of MJF as a child meeting Punk, saying he didn't know that MJF stood for 'My Jealous Fan'.

Punk would refer to MJF as a 'less famous Miz', prompting a huge cheer from the crowd.

MJF would bring in the references to John Cena and Triple H, noting that this current version of Punk was 'PG Punk' and he should preach Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. MJF then said Punk had always been number two behind  the "You Can't See Me Man or The King of Kings." 

An incredible back-and-forth would conclude with Punk telling MJF that the only way he becomes the biggest star in AEW is if he waits long enough for Tony Khan to have a daughter and then marry her. The former WWE Champion then proposed a fight with MJF there and then, only for his verbal sparring opponent to leave the ring. 

The entire exchange is well worth a watch and can be viewed in the video player below.

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