CM Punk And Seth Rollins Have Fiery Confrontation On WWE Raw

WWE Raw saw Rollins and Punk finally come face-to-face.

Last night's WWE Raw saw the first hotly-anticipated confrontation between CM Punk and Seth Rollins.

Rollins interrupted an in-ring segment between Punk and Adam Pearce, which saw Punk officially sign as a Raw Superstar. In the following promo, Seth admonished Punk for referring to WWE as his home, saying that he tried to tear the promotion down after leaving 10 years ago.

Rollins also implied a future confrontation between the two, and promised to wrestle rings around Punk in the event of a match for his World Heavyweight Championship. 

A feud between the two was first hinted at during Punk's shock return to the company at Survivor Series WarGames, with Rollins' furious ringside reaction captured by fans. Earlier this year, during Punk's suspension from AEW, Seth had been openly critical of him in an interview, saying:

"Philly Phil, stay away. Stay away, you cancer, get away from me forever. I don't like Phil. I don't like Phil, he's a jerk. Did we just figure that out? Everybody in the room is like, 'Did he say that?' Yeah, he's a jerk. Come on. We figured it out over there, we knew it over here. I don't want him back. Go do something else. Bye bye. See you later."

Rollins wasn't the only wrestler Punk interacted with on last night's Raw. He also had a tense moment Drew McIntyre backstage, and was warmly greeted by former tag partner Kofi Kingston (as well as fellow babyfaces Chad Gable and Ricochet.) At one stage he also bumped into the Judgement Day, where Damian Priest implied that he'd cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Punk, should the Chicago native become a world champion in WWE again.

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