CM Punk Comments On WWE: 'Nothing Grabs Me To Get Me To Want To Watch'

Punk is not interested in the WWE product

CM Punk says he is not currently watching the WWE product because there is nothing on the show that 'grabs me to get me to want to watch'. 

Punk, who left WWE in early 2014, has been heavily rumoured for a return with All Elite Wrestling. The 42-year-old is reportedly putting an end to his seven-year exile from wrestling next week at AEW Rampage: The First Dance, in his hometown of Chicago.

Having not officially wrestled in over seven years, Punk worked as an analyst for FOX Sports on the WWE product for a time, but says that was the last time he really watched his old employers.

The former WWE Champion says nothing about their product makes him want to watch, but concedes they're doing something right because the company is making more money now than ever. 

Speaking to Sunday Night's Main Event, when asked if he had been watching WWE, Punk said: "No, I had to watch it a little bit when I was an analyst for FOX. But I mean...how do I say this diplomatically? I think they’ve got some people who are super awesome and great in the ring, but you know, nothing grabs me to get me to want to watch.

“I’m getting ‘a little long in the tooth’ now. And I would much rather uplift and show love to things I like than to tear anything down. You know, you can’t say that what they’re doing is wrong. They are the most profitable they’ve ever been since their inception, so who am I to say, you know what I mean?

"Like it’s ice cream, there’s 31,000 flavours, everybody gets their favourite, I just don’t like vanilla."

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