Nueva Generación Dinamita Explain Their Decision To Leave CMLL

The trio departed CMLL earlier this week

Nueva Generación Dinamita have revealed their decision to depart CMLL came from a desire to test themselves out in different promotions and territories while they are still young enough to do so.

Mexican promotion CMLL confirmed earlier this week that Nueva Generacion Dinamita - a highly popular trio comprised of Sanson, El Cuatrero and Forastero - had left the company with immediate effect.

Their exit meant two Championships in the CMLL World Trios Championship and the CMLL World Middleweight Championship, which was held by Cuatrero, had to be vacated. CMLL announced they would be holding tournaments to find new champions.

The trio in NGD have now spoken about their decision to leave the company, saying they are eager to work in other areas of the world, while also thanking CMLL and the promotion's fans for their time there.

Cuartero, speaking in a video posted on Sanson's YouTube channel, said: "We are in our best moment. We are young, and we want to take advantage of expanding upon new territories and fresh air.

"For all the people that support us, for all the fans that have wanted to support us in the Arena Mexico, we want to let you know that we want to go to all places. For those keeping up with NGD, expect more surprises because we are eager to expand the faction and that is why we left as a faction.”

Soberano added: "We want people to keep up with our social media as we will provide more updates on our schedule, where we will wrestle at, and everything that we will be doing. We will be more active. 

"Before we clarify, we must highlight everything we did during this successful time in CMLL. We won masks, championships, tournaments, cups, and I feel that we did great work during our time in the Council (CMLL). They gave us the opportunity, we gave them the work and we were able to have constant features in Fantastimania (NJPW-CMLL Show). I feel that it is something to talk about and the thing we love."

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