CM Punk: Darby Allin Is The "Perfect Foil" For My First AEW Opponent

Leave Kenny Omega until later

CM Punk will compete in a professional wrestling match for the first time in seven years on Sunday when he steps in the ring against Darby Allin at All Out. 

Speaking about the match with New York Post, Punk admitted that Darby is the "perfect foil" for his first AEW opponent, especially as it didn't make sense for him to face AEW World Champion Kenny Omega straight away 

"I think he's the perfect opponent... I'm kind of approaching it like I'm quasi-new guy, but old head coming back into this thing. From an artistic storyline perspective, I can't go after Kenny [Omega] right away. He's the (world) champion. It wouldn't make any sense. I never wrestled in this organisation," Punk said.

"Darby is a lot of things. He's a fantastic talent, he's a great personality. Within the AEW storytelling, he's a very compelling character that the fans like. I just think he's like the perfect foil right now. It's a spotlight on, yes this CM Punk's first match back in seven years. It needs to be a good match, right? I need a good dance partner. Darby is probably one of the best guys for the role, honestly."

Ahead of their pay-per-view match, Punk will be on commentary for Darby's bout against Daniel Garcia on tonight's edition of Rampage. 

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