CM Punk Doesn't Think Wrestlers Will Unionise

"There's always going to be a handful of people that will undercut everybody else"...

At the end of October, WWE's ban on Superstars working with third parties came into effect. The edict brought renewed attention to Superstars' classification as independent contractors and led to further calls for professional wrestlers to unionise. Former Divas Champion Paige tweeted she was researching trade unionism at the time and Zelina Vega wrote "I support unionization" only minutes after her WWE release. 

One former WWE Superstar who isn't holding out much hope for a wrestlers' union is CM Punk. The Voice Of The Voiceless told Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions he thinks there are a lot of "bootlickers" in wrestling and that a handful of people will always undercut everyone else just to further their own ambitions. 

Punk said: "I think fighters need to get together and unionise anyway, just like the wrestlers... No, and it's because there's no such thing as the boys. It's a trope. 'Oh we're on the road and these people are our family.' And, like I said, once you're out of the bubble, you don't hear from anybody anymore. Those people don't pay your bills. 

"There's always going to be a handful of people that will undercut everybody else just to get ahead a little bit. And there seems to be a lot of people that not only are just by nature are bootlickers, they just love the taste. You're supposed to lick the boot, you're not supposed to eat the entire thing."

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