CM Punk: Going Back To WWE Was Never On The Table For Me

Punk left WWE in 2014

CM Punk says the potential of going back to WWE was 'never, logically, on the table' for him.

Punk left WWE in early 2014 and ended a seven-year, self-imposed exile from professional wrestling last month, joining All Elite Wrestling and debuting at Rampage: The First Dance in his hometown of Chicago.

Over the years, there has been varying levels of speculation that Punk could return to WWE, with rumours increasing tenfold when the 42-year-old worked for FOX as an analyst on WWE backstage. 

However, the man himself says the idea of stepping back into WWE never really crossed his mind.

Speaking to the Angi Taylor show, Punk said: "I don’t think I considered it. Three years ago, five years ago I don’t think AEW even existed. I don’t think going back to WWE was ever really, logically, on the table."

During the interview, as he did during his first AEW promo, Punk referred to WWE largely as ‘the place I used to work’, as opposed to by name. 

The Second City Saviour explained that he felt it wasn’t necessary to mention his old employer if he didn't need to.

He added: "I understand life’s tough and not everybody can do it, but I’m just somebody that will just never compromise myself. And I say the place I used to work, because I don’t feel it’s specifically necessary to mention them when I don’t have to.

"I am full of anxiety and stress doing press for AEW right now that I’m inadvertently going to say a whole bunch of stupid stuff. People are going to break it down and use out of context quotes for clickbait.

"But the reality is you can’t talk to me, coming back after seven years, without bring up the place I used to work. I’m just trying to do my best to not sling mud so to speak, because everything I say about them is 100% the truth. I just want to focus on and highlight the positives of the new place I work, AEW."

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