CM Punk: I Really Don't Know If I'd Have Gone To AEW Sooner If They'd Been Around

Punk returned to wrestling with AEW in August

CM Punk has admitted he doesn't know if he would have wanted to join All Elite Wrestling any sooner, had the promotion been around for a longer time.

Punk made his long-awaited return to wrestling with AEW back in August, ending a seven-year self-imposed exile from wrestling after departing WWE in 2014.

AEW was officially formed in early 2019 and Punk says he isn't sure he would have been ready for a wrestling return any earlier than he was, had AEW been established at an earlier time.

When asked if he would have gone to AEW sooner, speaking to DAZN, Punk said: "It’s a great question. One I’ve actually thought about, but I don’t think so. It happened at the right time and timing is everything. There’s a lot of stuff that I had to heal on my own.

"I’m happy AEW are around now because I really don’t know if I’d have gone there sooner. I’m not so worried about the past. I’m not so worried about the future. I’m worried about the present. That’s where I’m at now.

"I’m worried about the fans in the building. If they’re having a good time. If they’re going to tell their friends that they had a great time and they’re gonna come back next time. I want to I want to make sure they’re leaving with a giant smile on their face."

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