CM Punk's Lawyer Says The Elite Acted "In Poor Taste" During AEW Match

CM Punk's lawyer doesn't agree with The Elite's antics

When it comes to the “Brawl Out” incident, it is widely known that most of those involved are bound to silence by NDAs, meaning that the true nature of what went down between CM Punk & The Elite will never truly be known. 

Rumours spread quickly though, and fans have been able to piece together some parts of the narrative. During CM Punk’s absence from AEW due to his injury suffered prior to the backstage fight at All Out 2022, The Elite wrestled on AEW Dynamite in a match which featured a whole sea of references to CM Punk, including a botched Buckshot Lariat, a GTS, and a bite (something which Ace Steel was said to have done to Kenny Omega). 

At the time, fans thought this was the beginning of a work between all those involved, though ultimately it was a case of The Elite making light of the situation. The lawyer of CM Punk and Ace Steel, Stephen P New, was asked about this incident when talking on Rumor & Innuendo, and whether this violated the terms of their NDAs. 

“It was in poor taste, but I don’t know that it violated any kind of NDA or anything like that. It was the AEW equivalent of Kevin Nash dressed up as Arn Anderson dropping a bottle of beer in the ring, you know? I mean, it was just, it was really poor taste, but I don’t think it violated any kind of NDA.”

In the end, CM Punk would return to AEW programming but he never interacted with The Elite. Eventually, more backstage issues led to Punk being fired from AEW. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly