CM Punk: There Was A Washing Away Of Sorrow In My AEW Debut

Punk returned to wrestling with AEW last month

CM Punk has explained that his debut for All Elite Wrestling is his best moment in wrestling because there was 'a washing away of sorrow' in that instance. 

Punk ended a seven-year spell away from wrestling on Friday 20 August 2021, when he stepped out in front of his hometown crowd in Chicago for his AEW debut. The Second City Saviour was giving a rapturous ovation as he made his way to the ring on AEW Rampage: The First Dance and spoke in a wrestling ring for the first time since 2014.

Speaking on the Angi Taylor show, when asked if his AEW debut was his best moment in wrestling, Punk responded: "Yeah, hands down. Because there's a triumph in that moment.

"You know, there's a washing away of sorrow in that moment. It's very much like, ‘Hey, I won.’ You know what I mean? Like, I did things on my terms, and I didn't compromise myself one bit, and I came back with my integrity intact.

"Now let's get back to business and that business is having fun."

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