Cody Rhodes Addresses Rumours Of Infighting Among AEW Executive Vice-Presidents

Rumours of infighting began earlier this month

Cody Rhodes says there is no truth to rumours that there are problems between him and fellow All Elite Wrestling Executive Vice-Presidents Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks.

Reports of infighting among the AEW EVPS surfaced earlier this month, suggesting that Rhodes, Omega and The Young Bucks were no longer on speaking terms, to the extent that it was stopping the promotion from being able to sign a 'difference-making' individual. 

The former TNT champion, however, says there is no truth to the story and believes the rumour started as a result of AEW's success.

Speaking on a media call, Rhodes said: "Well, when I heard that story was floating around, it is one of the things I chopped up as we’ve been very successful, AEW, and with NXT losing the Wednesday Night Wars, that created a lot of anger. 

"And I understand there’s a lot of hardcore NXT and WWE fans out there, and that’s why those stories stories like that don’t surprise me. I think people need to cling to something, and as sexy as that story is, I talk to Matt and Nick everyday. I talk to Kenny [Omega] very often.

"I support their projects fully. They’ve been supportive of all my projects, and we would not be able to put this show on the air, Tony’s [Khan] the man and Tony’s the boss, but we would not be able to put this show on the air if the four of us were not functioning as one team.

"Unfortunately, it’s not very sexy to say, but there’s no truth to that. Again, we’re one team, now with us expanding onto TBS, we will remain one team."

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