Cody Rhodes Discusses Adding Another Championship Belt To AEW

"The American Nightmare" speaks...

As part of a Friday afternoon media call on the eve of AEW Full Gear, Executive Vice President (and World title challenger) Cody Rhodes answered questions about the direction and state of the promotion.

One media member asked about the possible inclusion of a midcard championship, which would supplement the World, Women's, and Tag Team belts.

Rhodes initially spoke about his umbrage with the term "midcard", saying, "I get frustrated when I hear the term 'midcard'. I know that it exists; I do. And I'm someone who toiled in the midcard myself, but as a talent, you never consider yourself or anything you're doing "midcard". I didn't consider my run with the Intercontinental championship 'midcard'. I wanted to be the best thing. I wanted to rise above.

"You look at Wembley Stadium in 1992 (for SummerSlam), it rose above the main match. If you look at Wrestle Kingdom the year that their IC title would go on last, same thing."

But answering the question, Rhodes spoke affirmatively about the addition of another belt in that general vein, saying, "I think it's very possible in the next month or so, there will be a prize of some sort for the guys rising through the ranks. That is important to wrestling, and there are so many great ones out there that we've looked at through history, those great titles. But I would never consider it a "midcard" title."

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