Cody Rhodes: I Am The Best Wrestler In The World By A Large Margin

Cody Rhodes speaks about the WWE title, Roman Reigns, and believing himself to be the best in the world.

Cody Rhodes recently spoke to Sports Illustrated about his passion for wrestling and his aim to win the WWE Championship. 

He also spoke about a potential clash with Roman Reigns, during which he billed himself as the best wrestler in the world: 

"Roman Reigns and I, we haven’t had any interactions yet. We haven’t crossed paths in the ring. I’ve seen enough to know he is incredible, and even better when you see him up close. So this isn’t the easiest path I’ve chosen. But I know I can do this.

“I think I’m the best wrestler in the world, and I think it’s by a large margin. That upsets a lot of people, but I don’t mean it to draw ire. This is all I do. I’m not in charge. I’m here to hone my craft, build my body and win matches. Every week, I have to be better. That’s the ultimate clarity for me."

Cody was then asked if he believes himself to be better than Reigns, to which he replied:

"The difference between the two best wrestlers in the world is that one has both titles to prove it. The WWE Championship is the biggest title in the game. That’s never been in dispute, and that’s not a knock on any title anywhere else. The way to define the best in the world is the one holding the belt, and that’s Roman Reigns."

The WWE Championship currently forms part of Reigns' Undisputed WWE Universal Championship - a unification of the WWE and Universal titles. While Reigns primarily operates on SmackDown, and Cody finds himself on Raw in a feud with Seth Rollins, many have speculated that WWE are building towards an eventual showdown between the two. 

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