Eric Bischoff: CM Punk Has To Be The Biggest Financial Flop In The History Of Wrestling

Eric Bischoff continues to criticise CM Punk.

Eric Bischoff has continued to publicly criticise AEW's CM Punk, this time on his 83 Weeks podcast.

Bischoff has called Punk "the biggest financial flop in the history of wrestling", adding:

"I pointed out that this was a guy who [...] thinks he was a bigger deal than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash coming to WCW. So far he’s fallen flat on his face.

“I published his quote, I didn’t make anything up. I took his quote and posted it and said how’s that working out? Which it isn’t, obviously."

Bischoff also doubted the success of Punk's merchandise sales, stating that nobody knows the relevant figures, and spoke about his impact on TV ratings:

"In the context of the conversations that we’ve had on this show, which was the catalyst for Punk’s response on social media, we’re talking about television ratings, we’re talking about impact. We weren’t talking about the broader spectrum of revenue opportunities. In terms of television, he’s been a horrible return on investment.

“I’m not saying he certainly hasn’t had any impact on advertising, only Turner Broadcasting would know that. Nobody at AEW would know that because AEW doesn’t sell their own advertising, Turner does."

This continued ill-feeling stems from Punk's initial comments comparing the arrivals of himself, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson in AEW to The Outsiders in WCW. Things recently escalated when Punk appeared to tweet in reference to Bischoff's criticism, prompting Bischoff to mock his MMA career.

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