Cody Rhodes Reveals He Has Considered Turning Heel In WWE

Though Cody concedes he's currently caught up in playing the hero.

Cody Rhodes has been one of WWE's top babyfaces since returning to WWE in 2022. His first run in the company, however, was characterised by his work as a heel. 

Is going back to the dark side something the current Undisputed WWE Champion has thought about doing? 

Discussing the possibility during a recent appearance on Rosenberg Wrestling, The American Nightmare said: 

"I think I'm lying if I say I don't think about it. The truth is, I'm so caught up in the connection that I have, whether it's the friendships bracelets I get at the shows, or just these moments you have with the kids coming full cosplay, this new generation of fan that's going to grow up and have podcasts and radio shows...I'm so invested in them, it's rare when I think outside of 'Well, what about a version of me that's hated? That's disliked, that's booed?'.

"I've certainly been booed before, been booed heavily...I guess I think minimally about it. And I could...you never say never. John [Cena]'s never happened, and I think rightfully so. I think what we got there, we look back at now and realise, I was just watching him versus Umaga the other day, you see the magic of what John was able to do. With the time I have left, contract wise, I don't see it. But again, never say never. Absolutes are the worst thing in sports entertainment and pro wrestling"

A recent report speculated that backstage games were played to prevent WWE from booking Roman Reigns vs. The Rock at WrestleMania XL, paving the way for Cody's crowning moment on night two. 

Rhodes will defend his title against AJ Styles at tomorrow's Backlash France premium live event. 

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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