Cody Rhodes Reveals Scrapped AEW Plans For Sting Match

Cody Rhodes says he was meant to face Sting in AEW

When Cody Rhodes departing All Elite Wrestling for WWE back in early 2022 he did so leaving a lot of money matches on the table. Including one with Sting.

Sting’s AEW debut at Winter is Coming 2020 planted seeds for a later run with Rhodes, and as Rhodes himself revealed to, a match between the two was planned in AEW:

"I was going to wrestle Sting," Rhodes confirmed. "I don't think I've ever shared that with anybody and nothing was on paper or anything like that. But I can say I got a tremendous offer from AEW creatively, financially, the full package. You won't hear me say anything bad about AEW or Tony (Khan) or my time there. It was a tremendous offer, but the offer wasn't right for me. What I wanted to get back to was the first goal that I ever had (winning the WWE Championship). But yeah, that probably would've been the endgame. That's what had been discussed, was to get one (match) with one of my heroes, Sting.

"And it's one of those things, you can wrestle one of your heroes or you can work with one of your heroes and he can be the head of creative (Paul Levesque), you can't have it all," Cody continued. "And I think one thing I do pride myself on as a wrestler is I will make a decision. It might be a left turn, it might be exactly where you think I'm going, but I will make a decision. I will not get stuck because I felt like I'd been stuck early in my career and never want to be that way again."

Sting has a long history with the Rhodes family, having tagged with both Dusty and Dustin on many occasions across the NWA/JCPW, and WCW.

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