Cody Rhodes Sees Big Things For JD McDonagh In WWE

JD McDonagh could be a star according to Cody Rhodes

JD McDonagh has been one of the newest names of WWE’s main roster over the last year, and whilst he isn’t a fully-fledged member, he has closely aligned himself to the Judgment Day faction. He has been in the ring with the likes of Sami Zayn, Cody Rhodes, and Seth Rollins, feuding with the top names on WWE RAW.

Cody Rhodes is someone who, despite being a current rival, sees big things on the horizon for McDonagh. When talking on Gabby AF, he gave glowing reviews.

“He’s been one of the most impressive callups I feel from NXT, and I really wasn’t expecting it. I didn’t have low expectations, I didn’t have high expectations. But that’s potentially a big-time player moving forward. Again, could care less about him personally. His head’s giant. I mentioned the Funko pop thing. No doubt, it’s far beyond the size of his body. But probably gonna be a big-time player for WWE at some point.”

McDonagh will compete against Rhodes at Survivor Series inside WarGames. 

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