Cody Rhodes Wants WWE Match With GUNTHER In Europe

Cody Rhodes wants to face GUNTHER in Europe

With the Royal Rumble out of the way all eyes are on WrestleMania 39, with Men’s Rumble winner Cody Rhodes set to headline ‘The Showcase of the Immortals’.

However, despite having the biggest match of his career on the horizon, Rhodes has spoken of another match he wants; a singles match with GUNTHER. The two were the final two in the Royal Rumble match, and Rhodes wants another go with the current Intercontinental Champion, saying the following on After the Bell;

"I don't know Gunther on a personal level, I've made fun of the name in the past, and maybe there was a little bad blood perhaps because of that, but I can say this. That [facing Gunther] looks like something I could see myself revisiting,” said Rhodes. “I could see that happening again, in terms of a one-on-one encounter with the current Intercontinental Champion, who I believe just broke my record, not to mention he broke the Royal Rumble record, he broke my record for days with the Intercontinental Championship. That's the kind of next-level elite athlete that I would love to wrestle anywhere in the United States, but specifically, I would love to wrestle him in Europe. In Europe, it's an away game for me, it's hostile, and I'd be all about that. I think there might be part of him that thinks, 'I've gone an hour and I was able to hold it with you in there,' and I want him to know that I had his number as much as he had mine. Right now, I can't say enough superlative items about the current Intercontinental Champion. His future is massive, his present is also massive. We're living it. I could use a few weeks before I'm living it again. Certainly, I look forward to another one-on-one encounter and I'd love to wrestle him in Europe to see what that feels like.”

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