Jon Moxley Wants AEW To Avoid Becoming WWE-Lite

Jon Moxley wants AEW to be the opposite of WWE-lite

All Elite Wrestling have presented themselves as an alternative to WWE since the promotion was founded in 2019, even promoting the company in a similar way to other challenger brands like Pepsi or Burger King.

Jon Moxley wants AEW to continue being the alternative, noting on The Justin Kinner Show that the promotion should always be doing the opposite of WWE-lite. 

"I think what we always have to remember is that it's an alternative. I think the other promotions in the past that have tried to be the standard kind of WWE formula that's kind of the known, typical [thing]. What people in North America think of as major league wrestling, it comes off as WWE-lite and it comes off like some kind of Triple-A baseball or something. I don't think we should ever be that," Moxley said.

"I think we should always do the opposite thing. The more subversive thing. The cooler thing. We should always be one step ahead and we should be on the precipice of like, what the next big thing in wrestling is. We should always be looking ahead you know. I think it's important for us to always be an alternative. To see things and people and wrestlers and styles that you wouldn't see anywhere else. [Things] that aren't put into a blender and made to be part of a fancy polished product."

After several years in WWE, Jon Moxley has established himself as one of AEW's top stars since debuting in the promotion at Double or Nothing 2019. He is a three-time AEW World Champion.

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