Colt Cabana Wants The Blow-Up Doll Match With Kenny Omega

Colt Cabana wants that Kenny Omega match

From wrestling a nine-year-old girl to his John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt routine with Bryan Danielson to his five-star classics with Kazuchika Okada in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Kenny Omega has cemented himself as a multi-faceted performer inside the squared circle.

Many wrestlers in the industry want to face Omega, but while they want a classic match, The Best Bout Machine's AEW colleague Colt Cabana wants to have a creatively comedic bout with him.

"I used to say Kenny Omega before he became...I'm the number one fan of DDT, wrestling a nine-year-old girl and a blow-up doll Kenny Omega. That creative aspect of Kenny is great. I don't want to have the Okada match with Kenny Omega. I wouldn't have the Okada match. A lot of wrestlers want that with Kenny. I want the girl match. That would be something I would want," Cabana said on the Going Broadway podcast.

Cabana had previously been away from All Elite Wrestling due to an outside project but Boom Boom has since returned to the promotion, performing in his first match of 2022 earlier this month.

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