Matt Hardy On The Different Attitudes Towards Tag Team Wrestling In WWE, AEW

Matt Hardy has talked about the differing philosophies in WWE and AEW.

Matt Hardy recently appeared on USA Today's Under the Ring podcast, and spoke about the difference in attitude towards tag team wrestling in AEW and WWE:

"The AEW tag team division is loaded. One thing that I really appreciate about AEW is that they really respect tag team wrestling, and they're willing to treat it like a main event, like the main event program it can be. I think a lot of that stems from The Young Bucks, because they're two guys who, when forming AEW, really wanted to stress the importance of tag team wrestling. These are two guys that never want to become single stars. They don't want to be the World Champion. They want to be the greatest tag team they can possibly be and I think that's cool.

"There's kind of a different mentality in WWE. Even if you are a great tag team together, Vince ultimately would want to turn you into two single stars because that's where he feels all the money is, and I do think there's money in tag team wrestling. I think when myself, my brother, Edge and Christian, and The Dudleys were doing our thing in the Attitude Era [...] we were a huge draw of the show, we were one of the reasons why people would tune in, and tag team wrestling can create that. I'm very excited for the possibility for AEW to have a tag team division that is going to draw a big fanbase coming up in the future."

Matt recently reunited with brother Jeff in AEW. The pair had their first tag team match in the promotion last week, defeating Matt's former understudies Private Party.

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