Conrad Thompson Claims Fans "Dug" Ric Flair's Fake Heart Attack Spot In Last Match

Conrad and Jeff Jarrett did try and discourage Ric Flair from doing it

Ric Flair finally called it a career on July 31 at Starrcast V as the 16-time world champion and Andrade El Idolo defeated Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal in the main event of 'Ric Flair's Last Match'. 

The event was one of the biggest independent wrestling shows in US history but it did feature a controversial moment as Ric Flair briefly faked having a heart attack on the outside before he received a thumb to the eye from Jay Lethal. 

The spot did generate conversation online and Conrad Thompson has claimed on My World that fans ultimately "dug" the moment. He and Jeff Jarrett did try and stop Ric Flair from doing the fake heart attack, though.

"The only thing you and I pushed back on, and we pushed back the first time we heard it and the second time, and the third time. 'Do not fake the heart deal. Do not. Please.' The afternoon of, he goes, 'Guys, guys, it's my last match. I'm not saying I'm going to do it, but if they are with it and I feel I have the crowd, I'm going to do it. Jay is going to have a little sympathy and I'll poke him in the eyes.' When it didn't happen in the ring, at first I thought, 'We made it, he's not going to do it.' He did it on the floor. I didn't look at you, but I know somewhere, you were looking at me like, 'Why is he doing this?' I saw great feedback from that, people dug it. Who are we, especially me, it's his last match. He gets to pick," Conrad said. 

Flair has suffered from heart issues and he previously underwent heart surgery. He has a pacemaker installed. 

Along with the fake heart attack spot, Flair did legitimately pass out twice during his last match due to dehydration. The Nature Boy has also said that he wishes he didn't say it was his final match

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