Cora Jade: My Cage Dive At WWE NXT WarGames Symbolised A New Generation

The Generation of Jade

Cora Jade was very much the centrepiece of the Women's WarGames Match on Sunday, hitting the biggest move of the match with a Senton Bomb through a table to Jacy Jayne before the 20-year-old scored the winning pinfall for the babyface team after selling her shoulder for the remainder of the contest. 

Speaking about the match with Sports Illustrated, Jade admitted nothing could compare to the moment she had at WarGames.

"I started crying and it was such raw emotion. I fell in love with this when I was eight. It's what I've wanted and worked for over the past 12 years. To go into the back after the match, after a WarGames match, and have people like Shawn Michaels and Road Dogg shake my hand, it's the craziest, most amazing thing," Jade began.

"I wrestled on the indies before this, but there is nothing that can ever compare to tonight. And I'll always remember standing up on top of that cage. It's pretty high and scary. But when opportunity arises, you go get it."

Jade's moment comes at a time when WWE have turned NXT back into a developmental brand and the company has focused on showcasing several new talents. 

Reflecting further on the cage dive, Jade believes it symbolised "a new generation".

"The 'Generation of Jade' is here in NXT 2.0. It's a new generation, a new time, and that dive off the cage symbolised that," she added.

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