Corbin Enjoying The Evolution Of His Character In WWE

From Lone Wolf, to King, to Broke, to Happy

After running as WWE’s King for nearly two years, Baron Corbin was in dire need of a refresh, with his subsequent storyline bankruptcy breathing new life into the character.

Corbin himself has said he’s enjoying his character evolution in WWE, telling Givemesport on a recent press junket:

“This whole character evolution I've gone through has been so much fun, because it's different for me. I get to relive the different things in my life and try to pull them out of experiences. When when I was, you know, in that downhill slide with the same dirty shirt on and was struggling and asking for money, like you draw things from your real life, and you can kind of put them into those characters. Then people really buy-in and latch on to what you're doing and it's fun for us.

“You know, like, when I got released from the NFL, that was that process. What do I do? What's next? Where am I going? So I was like, trying to tap into that a little bit. You know, that bit in Vegas and winning all my money back, that was a lot of fun. I like to gamble, so it worked. But it's just been exciting to me because it is it's different, you know? From that kind of biker badass when I started in NXT, and that was part of my life. I enjoying motorcycles, tattoos, obviously, all that stuff. And then, you know, rolling into that Constable role, which was a new role then into The King. It's all of these kinds of things, it's an evolution. I think, the more you can do the better the longer you last in this business.”

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