Kurt Angle Reveals How Much He Made From TNA Run

Angle was TNA’s marquee signing in 2006

When Kurt Angle arrived in TNA in 2006, it was seen as a game changer for the promotion, with Angle becoming the biggest star to make the switch from WWE to the IMPACT Zone.

In order to gain the services of such a marquee talent,TNA would have to stump up some serious cash, and during The Kurt Angle Show on AdFreeShows.com Angle revealed how well TNA compensated him for his work:

“It was seven figures. It was a five-year deal, and I ended up signing that five-year deal again when the contract was up. They always took care of me. I got 11 years out of them for seven figures a year. That was enough for me. I was good with that, especially being a smaller company like TNA. I don’t think anybody else was getting paid nearly as much as I was. I think the next guy in line was making like $300,000. There was a big gap. They were taking a big, gigantic chance with me, and I knew that. I was very grateful for that.”

H/T: WrestlingNews.co

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