Cultaholic.com 2021 Awards: Vote For Your News Story Of The Year

Five nominations - only one winner!

Welcome to the second of our Cultaholic.com 2021 Awards! 

Between now and the end of the year, five writers from Cultaholic.com will pitch nominations for 12 different categories for our annual award winners. The final decision on the winners will be left up to you, the Cultaholic.com audience! 

Throughout this article you will find the arguments for five different options, and then you will have the chance to vote for your winner at the end. 

In this piece, we're considering the biggest News Story Of The Year; that breaking piece of gossip or information that left you staring at your phone or laptop screen, before desperate scouring the deep, dark web for even more scraps!

Click through to read our writer's nominations and vote for your winner in the poll at the end!

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Written by Cultaholic