D-Von Dudley Wants To Tag Team With His Sons But Can't See It Happening In WWE

Dudley believes Vince McMahon wouldn't sign off on the idea

D-Von Dudley has admitted he would love the opportunity to team with his two sons in WWE but does not see Vince McMahon ever signing off on the idea. 

D-Von has twin sons - Terrell Hughes and Terrence Hughes - who are known by the team name TNT and have wrestled on the independent scene for a number of years, after being trained by their father.

The duo have also appeared as extras on WWE TV in the past and D-Von would relish the chance to team with them in WWE, but does not think it will happen due to his age and previous health issues.

Speaking on the Table Talk Podcast, D-Von said: "I think at 49 years of age, you know, Vince McMahon’s philosophy is that I’m too old to be back in that ring, nor does he want to see me in there.

"If I was gonna come back and risk my back, it would be with my boys. I would definitely do that with them but, I just don’t see it happening on a WWE level, just for the simple fact as you know, I’m 49 years old and things like that, I think Vince doesn’t — wouldn’t wanna see me back on his TV again, not in that type of role."

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