Daniel Cormier Confirms He Has Held Talks With WWE, Paul Heyman Responds

Could we finally see Lesnar vs. Cormier?

After winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship in 2018, Daniel Cormier goaded Brock Lesnar into entering the Octagon. Upon entering the cage, Lesnar pushed Cormier and the two had to be separated from one another. While many in the wrestling world, and even Dana White, expected this to lead to a fight for the UFC title, Lesnar announced his retirement from MMA back in March 2019.

Cormier has since announced he will retire from MMA after his next fight. This has fuelled speculation that Cormier will train to be a professional wrestler and face Lesnar inside a WWE ring.

During a recent interview with BT Sport, Cormier explained he has previously discussed appearing in WWE. He elaborated that WWE asked him to be a fight builder at the Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez press conference, but he was unavailable. Cormier has also been invited to be a guest on WWE Backstage, but because of UFC's TV deal with ESPN in the United States, he was unable to appear.

Cormier said: "I’ve talked to WWE on a number of occasions. They want to work together. I almost came to the press conference for Brock vs. Cain to play the role of a fight builder but unfortunately, my schedule didn’t work. I had an offer to work that new show they have, WWE Backstage on FOX […] It just didn’t work with the new relationship with ESPN, but we are constantly trying to find ways to get me involved in the product and as a big-time fan of WWE, nothing makes me happier."


To promote the interview, BT Sport WWE tweeted, "Imagine DC vs. Brock and the battle on the mic with @HeymanHustle."

This prompted a response from Heyman, who tweeted: "@btsportwwe It's easy to garner publicity calling out the top box office attraction. @dc_mma can't hang w/ @BrockLesnar in the #Brocktagon nor a @WWE ring, and he can't hang with me on the mic. MAYBE he could TRY to hang with Brock on the mic and me in the ring... MAYBE!!!"

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